Depressed dog in shelter

What began as an exciting car ride for one young terrier in California, ended in a way that she never could have imagined.

Her name is unknown, she is now, just a number... A4518362 at the Carson Animal Care and Control in Gardena, Calif.

After she was walked to her kennel run inside of the facility, she curled up into a ball on a towel and tried to disappear.

The sounds and smells are simply too frightening - too overwhelming.

Her ears are back, head down...her entire body screams, "I am afraid!"

Without help, frightened dogs like this will not make it out of the facility.

Potential adopters are looking for the tail-wagging, eager dogs who come to the front of their cage and beg for attention.

Potential adopters tend to walk right by the broken-hearted dogs who are mourning the loss of their family.



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