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"Quality sportpony prospects for dressage, eventing and hunters for the advanced child and competitive petite adult rider."

The Kaleidoscope Farm sportpony breeding project first began in 1991, as a personal project for my own needs. As a petite adult, my personal goal was to produce a smaller warmblood type, more suitable in size, without losing the movement necessary for higher levels of dressage competition.

Starting before any of the American sportpony registries were organized and prior to the availability of any of the European Sportponies, the foundation was based on the Connemara Pony with outcrosses to warmbloods from my sporthorse breeding program.

The original foundation has relied heavily on the progeny from our foundation Oldenburg stallion, Weltstern, who proved extremely prepotent in reproducing his outstanding movement in successive generations.

Long an admirer of the Connemara Pony, my foundation pony stallion was Stonybrooks' Curragh Kildare, a smaller Connemara with outstanding athletic ability from top American performance bloodlines.

Now in the 3rd and 4th generations of this project, the Kaleidoscope sportpony breeding program is showing very consistent results with talented equines competing in a variety of disciplines, under both adult and child riders.


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