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R.I.P.:  1982 - 2012

Weltstern as a young stallion in Germany


Photo credit: Greenstone Farm 2005 photo of Weltstern at 23 years of age.

Weltstern was an extremely well bred Oldenburg stallion, licensed and approved in Germany and ISR/Oldenburg approved in the U.S. He was purchased as a 9 year old as the foundation stallion for my sporthorse breeding program and has also been one of the foundation sires of my sportpony breeding project. One daughter and two grand-daughters are currently broodmares here on the farm and we are continuing the line through Flint, an approved son owned by Greenstone Farm in VA.

Weltstern's sire, WeltAs, was named the top producing dressage sire in both 1995 and 1996. He produced numerous top quality offspring, the best known being Bonfire, winner of multiple World Cup dressage titles and a member of several medal-winning Olympic teams for the Netherlands.

Weltstern himself sired an extremely high percentage of premium foals from those presented to registries for approval. He has had several sons approved as stallions as well as a significant number of successful competition horses in dressage, jumping and eventing. He himself competed in the U.S. in dressage at 14 and 15 years of age, starting at 4th level and going
to Intemediare I with scores in the 60s.

Weltstern was owned jointly by Kaleidoscope Farm and Greenstone Farm in his later years and solely by Greenstone Farm in Culpeper, VA in the years after the Kaleidoscope Farm program began downsizing to ponies and passed away peacefully of natural causes at the farm in 2012. Their very successful breeding program continues the line with a son and a number of daughters. For more information on Weltstern visit the Greenstone farm website  http://www.greenstonefarm.com.

His kind disposition, his personable character and his prepotency for outstanding movement has secured a permanent place in my heart for this magnificent stallion. I feel privileged to have owned him and will always be grateful for the experience.

Rest in peace, Weltstern.





Windwalker will always be one of my favorite Weltstern babies, the colored colt that it took me 10 years to produce. His new owner plans a show career as a hunter for him and we feel fortunate to have three of his daughters in the breeding program here at Kaleidoscope to carry on his talent and his color.


Photo credit: Matt Allain Photography

 WELTWINN is a Weltstern daughter and a full sister to Flame N' Fortune. Owned by Liz Lindenauer of Bozeman, MT she qualified in 2004 for the USDF region 6 championships at 2nd level, with scores in the mid-60s and expects to be competing at 3rd level in 2005.


 "Fritz" is a gelding from the first foal crop I bred by Weltstern. Out of a Thoroughbred mare, he was sold as a yearling and is now eventing with his owner in the northwest. He competed two years with Shea at Prelim with several placings in the top five and competed on a limited basis at Intermediate in 2004. Shea says that he is an incredible event horse, probably the best she will ever hope to have and so reliable that even as a 6 year old a local 12 year old girl won 4H hunter classes with him when he was literally a last-minute substitute for her own horse who went lame.


 "Marilyn" was from the same first foal crop by Weltstern in Wyoming. Out of a gold champagne mare of unknown breeding but said to be part Morgan, Marilyn was foaled with a pale gold coat and baby blue eyes, with a habit of looking back over her shoulder and batting long eyelashes at her audience, and could have been named nothing else but Marilyn Monroe.













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