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'The Promise Sunday Sermon'

Sunday is a 12 hand red dun Section A Welsh stallion. He has excellent movement, good conformation and a typy pony head. He will produce 50% dun foals when bred to non-dun mares.

Sunday as a 2 year old, showing the dun dorsal stripe.

Current stud fee is $350, live cover only at this time. 


'Bristol Silver King'
Owned by Brandi Pendleton

  Now standing in Virginia

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Silver's pedigree goes back to the early foundation lines with his sire Tylwyth Bonnies Pride being 100% from the Texas stud, founded in 1955 by Robert Goodrich with all imported Welsh stock. Silver's dam, Rosmels Touch of Honey is by Bristol Sun Wizard, from the highly respected Bristol Farm breeding and also going back to the Texas Stud ponies, and is a full sister to Rosmels Creme de Mint, a well known sire of a number of successful ponies.

Silver was presented at the Westfalen inspection in 2018 and passed with 8s in trot, canter and free jumping. He is now in Book II of the registry, pending completion of his performance testing.

Visit Silver's Facebook page to view more photos:  https://www.facebook.com/BristolSilverKing

Phone: Brandi Pendleton (540) 538-2286  Email: brandipendleton@hotmail.com

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