1994 Black & White Overo Stallion..16+ hands..1400lbs

Magnolia stands over 16 hands; has a massive hip, front end, forearm and shoulder: his neck is long with a gorgeous head; and his black and white color pattern is striking and beautiful from any side or angle. His disposition is kind and gentle; he is quiet, good natured and a pleasure to be around. He is Skipper W, Leo And Top Deck bred.

Magnolia's babies from his first foal crop exhibit this standard of quality. They are all outstanding in their conformation; most with the loud overo color pattern; from sorrel mares he throws predominantly black and white or bay and white.

Breeding Fee $1,250 LFCG, TCSA

For contracts, pedigrees or more information call or write:

Magnolia Pear Farm
Gary and Peggy Mancuso
7901 Russell Curry Rd.
Arlington, Texas 76001
(817) 572-2180 Fax( 817) 572-9979


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