13 Keys to Horse Theft Prevention
(Tips 1-8 are from the APHA website, the rest I have added)

Although valuable horses can't be kept in a bank vault, there are several ways to deter horse rustlers.

 1.  Brand livestock.

2.  Lock gates, stall doors and trailer hitches. (not so sure about locking stalls)

3.  Know who visits when you're gone (such as the farrier and feed delivery       person).

4.  Keep halters locked in your tack room.

5.  Vary patterns of coming and going.

6.  Keep your horse trailer out of sight.

7.  Install security lights.

8.  Keep at least one "untrusting of strangers" dog on your property.

9.  Post "Beware of the Dog" signs on your property, (especially down by the       end of the driveway) even if you don't have a dog.

10. If possible, leave a vehicle or two parked in your driveway, in front of the       barn, etc. and also leave a kitchen or living room light on if you'll be gone       til dark. (Don't park the vehicle like it's out of the way or in storage, make       it look like it's going to be moved soon.)

11. Keep your eyes open for unfamiliar vehicles in your area, take note of the       color, make, etc....you never know when you might need that information!

12. Inform your closest neighbors when you're going to be gone for awhile,       and let them know that no one should be on your place and certainly no       one should be removing any horses!

13. Always remove all halters when putting your horse in the barn or turning      them out. My guys always liked to make it tough on me to catch them when      they didn't have their halters on. This will also make it a little more difficult      for a horse thief and he may either grow tired of trying or be scared off by      traffic, etc.. Don't make it EASY for them!

"Whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to man."


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