Good bye, old friend........

He was shown to a Top Ten in halter at the NSH Finals as a three year old, but
spent most of his life as a "back-yard" horse admired and loved by his breeder, Marsha Isbell.

We had the wonderful opportunity to lease Key in 1992 and eventually purchased him.
Now, Key is busy making up for lost breeding seasons here at Whispering Hill.

Key has an outstanding disposition. He is a kind and gentle stallion that loves attention. 
He has excellent conformation with straight legs and a beautiful, long, high set neck. 
Key is a powerful stallion with a strong trot and plenty of substance. 

More than one admirer has seen Key and asked us, "What kind of horse is that?" 
When we answer that he is a National Show Horse, their response is always, "How beautiful!" 

Key Sera Sera has proven himself as an outstanding sire. He regularly passes on his good qualities, and many people have recognized his strengths. Key currently has get in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, New York, Texas, Montana, Delaware, California, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Ontario, Canada. His foals have proven themselves both in the show ring and in the loving homes of first time horse owners. They inherit Key's gentle disposition as well as his beautiful neck, size, conformation, and substance. 

Pedigree for KEY SERA SERA
Pinto, National Show Horse, Half-Arabian 

KEY SERA SERA Key Largo Fountain of Youth Yorktown
Eternal Spring
The Carnival Queen Flashy Bourbon Peavine
Radiant Ebony
Rondeyra Serdeyr *Serafix
Ronada Ronek

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