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"Brooklyn Supreme"
The world's largest horse at 19.2 hands and 3,200 lbs. "Brookie" wore a 40-inch collar and boasted a girth measurement of 10 feet, 2 inches around. It took 30 inches of iron for each of his horseshoes. Foaled in 1928, he eventually became the property of C.G. Good of Iowa. Good's partner, Ralph Fogleman, exhibited the big horse around the country, charging spectators 10 cents apiece. Brookie died in 1948.


Photo by Sharon Michael of Stallion Station's Kaleidoscope Farm
Gray Percheron stallion in show harness. Taken at the Nevada draft horse and mule show in Nevada during the mid-80s.

'Lovesong Bo'
He is a 10 year old registered Percheron stallion. When I first saw him 6 years ago, he was a dark dappled grey - he now looks like a different horse as he is pure white. He is definitely a gentle giant. He is very well mannered. Jan
P.S. That's me in the picture with him. - Apple Branch Ranch - Unity, Maine



This is a photo I took last Sunday near Waterloo, IA of Amish Draft Horses resting on a sandy creek bank.
These are horses who really work for a living. Contributed by Susan of Susan's Arabians and Pintos/ Thanks Susan!!

Bear Valley Miniature and Draft Horses
We farm about 40 acres mostly with our Belgian Draft Horses. Here are a few pictures for you to view of our Gentle Giants. Our farm is located in S.E.MN. At the present time we have 5 Belgians and are expecting 2 foals next year. My husband Lloyd is in the pictures driving the horses. They are his pride and joy as they are very hard working horses and very loyal to their owner.

Thanks to Betty and Lloyd Budensiek for sharing these wonderful photographs with all of us Gentle Giants lovers!!




My name is Denise Bell-Evans, and attached is a photo of myself and my 2 yr old Belgian stallion
will be 2 yrs in June (2001) and stands 16.3+ hands at this time. I have owned many different breeds through the years and at this time have Paints, Thoroughbreds and Appaloosas. I love them all, but I have to say that if Spike is a typical Belgian, everyone should own one! He is quiet (even around mares in season), intelligent, kind, and much much more. Because of him I am now hooked on this breed and am expecting to purchase Spike's sister very soon!

I would love it if this photo could be added to the gentle giants page. I think it just conveys, somehow, 
the kindness of Spike and the breed.

Thank you very much, Denise 

P.S. I met my NOW husband  through
RURAL SINGLES! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I would be very proud if you place a picture of my 7 year old clydesdale gelding "DUNCAN". 

We are living in the Netherlands. I own him for a year now and I'm so happy with him.
Many thanks - Liesbeth Wesdijk.


I was thrilled to see the photo of Brooklyn Supreme in this site.  My father worked for Ralph Fogelman in the 30s as a handler / groomer for these Gentle Giants as they were shown at Iowa county fairs and other venues thru out the state. Dad would ride in the boxcar with the horses as they traveled by train.  I'm submitting a picture of four other horses they showed. (that's my father holding the lead on the fourth horse.)  He has named them on the back of the picture:

Left to right:  Tatton Coming King; Tatton Treasure; Tatton Blossom and Tatton Sun Beam. Unfortunatly there is no date supplied but it has to be in the late 1920s or early 30s. I recall him telling of one of the horses being poisoned at a fair; perhaps it was Brooklyn Supreme...I don't remember. He loved these horses!

Dorothy Shupe Sheehan
Phoenix, AZ


Another beautiful piece of art by Adeline Halvorson.

"Diggin' In" by Adeline Halvorson

Loyal Partner  by Adeline Halvorson

Thundering Hooves by Adeline Halvorson

A Moments Rest by Adeline Halvorson

At Ease by Adeline Halvorson

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