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Our Morgans are foundation bred or high % and carry some hard to find bloodlines. On occasion, we will offer a few for sale. To date, we have cut back so only a limited few may be offered. We can breed a foal for someone if so inclined.
We are drastically reducing our herd of Tennessee Fainting goats. Our work load has become too great and we are tired! Because of this we are offering at least 40+ goats for sale. Some will be listed here on the For Sale page while others will have prices on their listing. We are offering discounts for numerous purchases. Health papers must be obtained for any goat leaving the State of Vermont and transport can be arranged. If any goats goes into Canada, it will take a minimum of 30 days with the testing and health papers to cross the border.

"June 2018 - Our herd should finally reach FULL EXPORT STATUS in the Scrapie Program!"
If you are looking for Myotonic goats and you are outside of the USA, you WILL be able to purchase from us and export into your country!
Because we have reached our 5 yr status, Canadian customers can now purchase our does or bucks and import into Canada!!  

Fainting Goat Kids for Sale


'Island Patriot'
(Brennas Lil Jack x Great Patsy Pine)
Foaled: July 3, 2016-Red Dun-Quarter Horse-Gelding


Patriot was bred to be a reiner and/or cutting prospect. His sire did well in reining and won a fair amount of NRHA money in the short time he was shown. His dam, was never shown, thru no fault of her own, and is currently just a broodmare here on our farm. Patriot is the 2nd foal from this cross. His full brother has excelled in reining and has produced a few foals. We see no reason why Patrick won't do the same.s from the past and a wealth of genetics that are becoming rare, this close up in a pedigree. Patrick is correct, super nice legs & hooves, stunning head, excellent length of neck, short backed and a super strong hip. He is already sliding and spinning and shows great control. We are pretty sure he will make a nice reiner or, if so inclined, a super pleasure prospect. His color in just stunning.  Currently, he is a nice appealing reddish 'pink' with nice, loud Dun markings. We gelded him in April 2017 as we don't need anymore stallions!

Sept. 5, 2018 we put "Patrick" into training. He hopefully, will have a knack for reining! If not, he should make a super saddle horse. We are offering him 
FOR SALE. If you have interest in a started gelding, please contact us. His price will reflect his training. Patrick is located in New York at the trainers. Call or email us for details. 



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